Oct. 15, 2020

Parenting with Commitment with Eran Katz

Parenting with Commitment with Eran Katz

Eran Katz is a clinical psychologist and parenting counselor. He specializes in attachment theory. He's also the father of two children who are his best parenting teachers. He believes that parenting is one of the most important jobs we will ever do. In this episode, he discusses with us the Parenting MAP - focusing on mindfulness, attachment, and purpose. All things that resonate with us here at FoV. Listen in for an intriguing and thoughtful conversation with practical ideas to adopt.

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Host: Richard Sidharta (Instagram | Twitter), Family of Virtues (Instagram | Facebook)

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Commitment is caring deeply about a person, a goal, or a belief. Once we discern a direction, we go for it wholeheartedly. We don't hold back, second guess our decision or hesitate to act on it fully. We set our goals and we achieve them. We make promises and we keep them. We go the extra mile. We are faithful to our relationships and don't allow problems to make us waiver. Keeping our commitments strengthens our inner integrity. It deepens our capacity to carry responsibility with grace.